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Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

All positions are regular, full-time opportunities unless otherwise noted. We look forward to hearing from qualified candidates. Please click on posting below for full job description.

Job Title Department
Software Engineer Technology

Develop your skills through knowledge sharing

Enosis Solutions believes in societal contribution to create good software and quality assurance engineers in Bangladesh. For this purpose, a Facebook group titled Enosis Solutions Talent Pool has been created to bring together 3rd/4th year students of CSE (or equivalent) department of different universities. This group is intended to share knowledge with its group members that will help them to develop and align their skills better, with the software development industry of Bangladesh. Articles, videos and other materials will be posted to encourage students get better at programming and update themselves with up-to-date industrial trends and technologies. Moreover, Enosis Solutions organizes on-campus written test at different universities to hire software engineers. This group is also intended to prepare interested students for the written test and inform them well ahead of any events (on-campus written tests, seminars, workshops etc.) organized by Enosis Solutions.

You can join the group by visiting the following link: Enosis Solutions Talent Pool Facebook Group

To receive updates regarding recent and upcoming on campus events by Enosis Solutions in your campus, please register in Enosis Solutions Talent Pool using the following link: Enosis Solutions Talent Pool Registration Form

The video shows how you can register-

What do we expect from our employees?

As an offshore team, we have some common values and a shared set of management capabilities. People at Enosis have the following traits:

Passion to win:

We have the energy and drive to improve results, overcome obstacles and are prepared to take risks. We look for new opportunities and are always hungry for more.

Business focus:

We never lose sight of the clients' demands. We understand how they are affected by trends and use this knowledge to create additional value to our products.

Intellectual skills:

We try to see the 'big picture' and can make an objective analysis of what needs to be done before taking action to get there. We are creative, explore new approaches and are alert to new trends and patterns.

People skills:

Our leadership style inspires others to raise their standards and achieve ambitious goals. We are competent at influencing and gaining support from colleagues. We are keen to understand others and are an effective team player, with a commitment to team objectives rather than one's own interests.


Integrity is what drives us here at Enosis. We are prepared to stand up for our own convictions and values, and take difficult decisions that challenge the norm. We are able to learn from our mistakes and try to be humble on our successes.


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